Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Long Island - Hamptons Lite

Cloudy, cold, and windy most of the day. I sure don't pick good days to go to the beach. It turns out that quite a number of cache locations were at or near a beach.

At the "Water Person" cache location, the cache wasn't very far from parking. Just down a bit towards the beach. So I couldn't have been gone more than a minute or two. When I returned to the parking area, I saw another car parked there. The passenger seat was fully reclined, and a young couple was in the passenger seat having intimate relations. (Well, you know what I mean.) Okayyy...

Went to Long John Silver's in the evening as I usually do when I go to Long Island. I overheard one of the staff say "It's my last night. I'm quitting." He looked so happy when he said that, so I'd suspect that working at LJS is not what one would call nirvana. I wish he wouldn't say that out loud in the dining area though because after he said that, I wondered how much spit he put in the food. :)

I can see that the restaurant itself is in decline. A few of the staff do try really hard to satisfy the customers, but the others are just blah about the work. And I don't see the manager out in front rallying the troops any more. The lady who's been working there a long time was really nice. My order was delayed because someone made a mistake, but she brought me an extra side to make up for it.

Mac-55 Oak Beach Park (New York )
Oak Beach in Babylon.

HCC (New York)
Holbrook Country Club in Holbrook. It's actually more like a public park than a country club.

WRR-28 Gilbert S. Raynor Nature Trail (New York )
Kalers Pond Park in Center Moriches. I see that they now have a Flight 800 Memorial near the park entrance.

Munns Pond (New York)
Munns Pond in Hampton Bays. The only thing I didn't see was the pond itself.

Canal Cache (New York )
Hampton Bays. If this is a canal going from one side to the other, haven't they effectively cut the island into two islands?

Water Person (New York)
Another beach area in Hampton Bays.

Beanie Baby (New York )
Peconic Bay beach area in Southampton.

Mac-34 Wolf Swamp (New York)
Wolf Swamp Conservancy in Southampton.

Emma Rose Elliston (New York )
Emma Rose Elliston Park in Southampton.

Cactus Cache (New York)
Beach area in Southampton.

Mac-60 Split Rock (New York )
Paumanok Path in Southampton.

JMB-73 Blazing New Trails (New York)
Paumanok Path in Southampton.

Clam Island (New York )
Near Clam Island, which isn't actually an island any more, in Sag Harbor.

Agawam Lake (New York)
Agawam Park in Southampton.


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