Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Garrett Mountain Rocks

People really should watch out for traffic. This evening, I had to hit the brakes because two people ran across a busy road in rush hour traffic without looking! From their attire, it appeared that they were out for an evening run. Yes, fitness is important, but fitness is useless if you get run over.

That aside, I went to seek the Rockhound geocache this evening. It's in the Garrett Mountain Reservation in Paterson. I parked at the Speed Hump parking area, in case anyone remembers that story. :) The walk wasn't terribly long, even if I bushwhacked most of the way. The cache was well hidden, but a thorough search revealed it.

Apparently, Swans at Mill Pond also just became an Approver's Choice at Wunderground. This is odd because I uploaded this picture two months ago, and I thought they only picked current pictures for Approver's Choices. Anyway, it's an okay picture, above average in my gallery. The problem is the splotches of glare on the water, but one could imagine that the swan is playing with the light.
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