Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey - Shore side

Nice weather. It didn't actually start raining until a minute after I got home, which is good timing.

Finally got "The Gate." This one has been annoying because people were leaving the cache too far into the hiding spot. Today, it was close to the opening.

According to the Wawa store locator, there are 5 Wawa stores in Mays Landing. (Two of the stores are barely a mile apart.) I saw three of them today. I only went to one of the stores out by US-40/US-322 because that store had a complete hot-to-go bowl menu and more than enough iced tea. So I was satisfied. I wonder what the people of that town do with 5 Wawa stores though. They must go to Wawa a lot.

Four Aces Cache (New Jersey)
Shepard Kollock Park in Chatham.

Memorial CamoCache (New Jersey )
Memorial grounds in Westfield.

Jonesy's Jaunt (New Jersey)
Roosevelt Park in Edison.

Sweetgum (New Jersey )
Roosevelt Park in Edison.

Trailway To Heaven (New Jersey)
Telegraph Hill Park in Holmdel.

Lt. Brice (New Jersey )
Robert L. Brice Memorial Park in Allenwood.

Managed Wildlife (New Jersey)
WMA in Allenwood.

The Gate (New Jersey )

Riverwalk (New Jersey)
Riverwalk Refuge in Brick.

Sylvan Lake Cache (New Jersey )
Woods behind a housing development in Bayville.

Secret Hideaway in the Pines (New Jersey)
Greenwood WMA in Forked River.

Boredom Burster (New Jersey )
Greenwood Forest WMA in Barnegat.

The Magnificent Mullica (New Jersey)
Garden State Parkway bridge over the Mullica River in Port Republic.

A View of Mays Landing (New Jersey )
Consumer Square (yes, a strip mall) in Mays Landing.

This one is the "pits" (New Jersey)
Wooded area behind houses in Mays Landing.


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