Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lehigh Valley and Where's George event

Went out to the Lehigh Valley specifically to attend the Where's George gathering at Biagio Pizza in Easton. As usual, I went for some geocaches on the way there and also after the event. Funny thing is I got more geocaches after the event than before. (6 after vs. 4 before) I guess lack of daylight is a good motivator to get a move on.

The Where's George gathering was attended by 19 Georgers. In counting the people in the picture, add one for the person taking the picture. The event was put together for Say Goodnight Gracie and JJ, who were leaving the area. The traveling pub sign was also in attendance. And greatscott66 brought his stamp collection. (and I don't mean philately!)

I only got one free frosty from Wendy's this weekend. I got it at the Wendy's in Phillipsburg on my way home this evening. Surprisingly, I hardly saw any Wendy's restaurants. I didn't come across any in South Jersey yesterday. Maybe they were crowded out by the many Wawa stores. :)

Patriot's Path Pick-up (New Jersey )
Near the Patriot's Path in Morristown.

Holy Family Cache (Pennsylvania)
Ballfield in Nazareth.

No Squirrels Allowed (Pennsylvania )

Bushkill Recreation Center (Pennsylvania)
Bushkill Center. Ooh, better not let the President hear about the name of this town!

Monocacy Placeholder Multicache (Pennsylvania )
Monocacy Meadows in Bethlehem.

Recycled Cache II (Pennsylvania)
Recycling center in Bethlehem.

Fit For a King II (Pennsylvania )
Burger King in Bethlehem.

Jesse's Walk (Pennsylvania)
Lehigh County Sport Field Park in Allentown.

Keyholder cache (Pennsylvania )
Little Lehigh Parkway in Allentown.

Forked Find (Pennsylvania)
Little Lehigh Parkway in Allentown.


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