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Still lacking TV-watching skills

In the TV show "24," if one hour of the show corresponds to one hour in the story and if all the episodes cover consecutive hours, how come there are no episodes where Agent Jack Bauer sleeps, eats, uses the bathroom, or takes a shower? Think about it: Jack sleeps. That's 8 episodes right there! Then Jack has dinner. That would be a large part of one episode, with lots of clacking of silverware. Then let's say Jack has to use the can and he has... umm... regularity problems. That's half an episode showing only a static shot of the bathroom door. Since none of that ever happens, he could well be a anorexic insomniac who uses really good deodorant. :)

Borrowed from the NEFUR mailing list:
Lesser panda standing on two legs charms Japanese zoo

It's so cute!
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