Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

First things first: Saddam Hussein in his underpants (the rest of the story)

1. Briefs, apparently. Not Boxers.

2. That must be the Weapon of Mass Destruction! (from a DJ on WPLJ)

3. It's against the Geneva Convention. They made him do his own laundry. Well okay, there is something in there about protecting prisoners of war from public curiosity.

Went out to West Essex Park in Caldwell this evening to find the Godzilla Two and Godzilla One geocaches, in that order. That area is mostly swampland and the side trail is quite overgrown.

Two things worked in my favor though:
1. The area wasn't flooded, as it sometimes is.
2. The weather was a little cooler today so the bugs weren't active.

Saw KBer at the parking area. Apparently, we were both there at the same time, but we went in different directions. So we didn't see each other until after both of us had found the two geocaches.
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