Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Broken down blues

The car wouldn't start this evening. I hooked it up to the portable jumpstart battery but that didn't do anything, so the starter must be a goner. Crud. Had to call AAA for a towtruck. After about an hour, one of the trucks from Dan's Towing arrived. It was only 5 miles home from Spring Valley. We used Route 45 to get back into New Jersey. We followed a van all the way down Route 45. Within minutes, there was a mysterious burning smell. Neither of us knew what it was until the van stopped at a traffic light. There was smoke coming out of the van's left rear tire!

Got home, and the towtruck driver did a cool trick where he lowered the car onto the driveway, gave it a push, and steered it neatly into the parking space while riding on the door frame. You can tell when someone's done it a lot.

Anyway, I'm going to have to take a day off tomorrow to get the car fixed. Funny how fate is making me take a 4-day weekend. :)
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