Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rancocas Run

My intention today was to go for the four new geocaches in the Rancocas area. Of course, I got a few more before getting there. Funny thing is I also ran into the cache owner, 4wheelin_fool, on my way to one of his four Rancocas caches. He was on his way out from checking up on that cache. It's funny because I also met him at a cache site last weekend. This is getting to be a regular occurrence.

I got rained on while on my way to the final stage of Rancocas Wildlife Hike. That was bad because I was 20-30 minutes from the trailhead. So I just toughed it out, finished the cache, and left. I'd have brought rain gear, but the weather was perfectly fine just an hour before that. And ironically, it was sunny again an hour later.

I noticed that there's a new Long John Silver's on US-130 in Beverly. But Wawa was just up the road so I didn't bother with LJS. One has to have priorities. This time, in addition to the usual roast pork bowl, I tried the parfait. It was good, but not earth-shakingly great. I'd rather have the sundae from the freezer.

Lenape Lakes (New Jersey )
Lenape Park in Cranford.

Blue Star One / Two (New Jersey)
Two-stage cache near US-22 in the Watchung area.

Routera (New Jersey )
Warren Park in Perth Amboy.

Hannah's Cache (New Jersey)
Tatum Park in Robbinsville.

Secret Forest (New Jersey )
Rancocas Nature Center in Mt. Holly.

Rancocas Wildlife Hike (Toolbox #2 -modified) (New Jersey)
Rancocas State Park in Mt. Holly.

Ramcock's Village 1648 (New Jersey )
Rancocas State Park in Hainesport.

Rancocas Chemical Works 1870 (New Jersey)
Rancocas State Park in Mt. Laurel. An interesting walk that involved crossing under two highways.

Olympia Lakes cache #3 -nice little spot (New Jersey )
Olympia Lakes in Beverly.


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