Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Jersey Shore Piney Ramble

Started late today so I didn't visit that many geocaches. Weather was okay though. Maybe getting to be a bit on the hot side.

I saved "Play by the Bay" for last because I noticed that it is a West-facing bay, and so it might be good for sunset-viewing. Indeed it was the perfect place because there are no mountains in the way so the horizon is low. What's even more unusual is I was the first to find that geocache! Strange. Given the rabidness of New Jersey geocachers, I thought there'd be at least half a dozen entries in the log book by the time I got there in the evening.

After the sunset, I went to Wawa in nearby Manahawkin. (where "nearby" is defined as a 4-mile drive, a lot of which was crossing the causeway to get from LBI back to the mainland) This evening, I was a menace to Wawa. After tapping in my order at the sandwich terminal, the printer didn't spit out the little order sheet. So the cashier had to come over to clear the paper jam. Then I wanted to buy a money order but the money order printer broke.

Given the calamities that had befallen Wawa of Manahawkin, I was wondering if I could use my touch on the Parkway tolls, and maybe get everyone a free ride. So at the Barnegat toll plaza, I paid in cash and asked for a receipt. Nothing broke. Darn.

Turkey Swamp Park in Freehold.

Merlins' Realm 2 (New Jersey)
Lake Shenandoah County Park in Lakewood. This is a replacement cache for Merlin's Realm after the first one perished in a controlled burn.

This Old House (New Jersey )
Wooded area in Bayville. Near some ruins.

Once Upon A Bridge (New Jersey)
Dover Forge Walk-in Access in Toms River.

Play by the Bay (New Jersey )
Beach Haven, at a boat launch facing West into the Barnegat Bay.


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