Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Northwest NJ

Sunny day, but it's getting to be too hot for hiking. I got tired of the heat after the first 8 geocaches, so I cherry-picked some easy ones for the remainder of the day.

The NJ Highlands (okay, you folks in Colorado can stop laughing now :) ) seems to be a no-convenience-store zone. I thought I'd get the Sunday paper and some buttered bagels if I happened to pass by a 7-Eleven or QuikChek, but I didn't see any of those. (There are no Wawa stores, of course, because there's no Wawa in North Jersey.) The other interesting thing about the area is the steepness of some of the roads. Holland Mountain Road in Jefferson Township was almost at a 45° incline at one point. Had to downshift to second gear to drive up that road.

I definitely have a tick problem. I applied Permethrin to my clothes to keep ticks off. It works. The trouble is the ticks are now on everything else! I saw some ticks crawling around in the car. (So I flicked them out onto the road.) Then when I got home, I saw a tick on a plastic shopping bag. It was amusing watching the tick climb to the top of the plastic bag by instinct in the hope of latching on to a passing deer. Once I was done being amused, I flushed it down the toilet.

Berkeley Heights 9/11 Memorial Cache (New Jersey)
9/11 Memorial in Berkeley Heights.

Columbia Park Cache (New Jersey )
Columbia Park in Berkeley Heights.

Twin Timbers (New Jersey)
Great Swamp Outdoor Education Center in Chatham. They have boardwalks going across the swampy area.

Jack's Bean Stalk (New Jersey )
Loantaka Brook Reservation in Madison.

Where the Green Fern Grows (New Jersey)
Loantaka Brook Reservation in Madison.

Mulder's Green Cache (New Jersey )
Oak Ridge. Near the cache placer's new house, although understandably he didn't mention which one it is.

Longwood's Humbled Giant (New Jersey)
Rockaway River WMA in Oak Ridge.

Rockaways Beavers Point Cache (New Jersey )
Rockaway River WMA in Oak Ridge.

Edison's Factory Foundations (New Jersey)
Edison-Sparta WMA in Sparta. This is the location of Thomas Edison's factory complex. He lost $2 million, which at that time was a lot of money, on this project. After losing that money, Edison was quoted as saying, "I can at any time get a job at $75 a month as a telegrapher, and that will amply take care of all my personal requirements." It goes to show how much the value of a dollar has gone down over the last century. Try living on $75 a month today!

El Cheapo Grande #1 Cache (New Jersey )
Site of the Old Route 23 bridge that is no longer there.

Old Monroe Schoolhouse (New Jersey)
Old Monroe Schoolhouse historic site in Franklin.

"El Cheapo Grande #7" Cache (New Jersey)
Appalachian Trail in Vernon.

"El Cheapo Grande #6" Cache (New Jersey )
Route 94 scenic overlook in Vernon.


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