Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Three Tales of Nanuet

1. I was sorting through my stack of mail when I found an OfficeMax coupon that was about to expire. Which meant that it was time to go and get another toner cartridge. So I went to OfficeMax in Nanuet. While I was looking through the store flyer, a salesperson came over and asked, "Sir, are you being helped?" I replied, "No, I'm not." Then he said "Alright" and left. Wait a minute! If I said that I wasn't being helped, shouldn't he take that to mean that he should help me with something? Otherwise, what's the point of the question?

2. On the way home from OfficeMax, I was following someone onto the Route 304 onramp. Suddenly, he came to a dead stop in the middle of the ramp. I slammed on the brakes and narrowly avoided plowing into his bumper. As I watched in shock, he slowly moved his car off the ramp onto the grass. As he did that, he kept waving a lit cigarette out the window. So he nearly caused hundreds of dollars of damage for what? A smoke break?

3. A little further down Route 304, I saw a police cruiser going at about walking speed in the emergency lane. In front of the police cruiser, there was a car, also going at about walking speed in the emergency lane. Carefully, I passed both the police cruiser and the car. In front of the car, I saw a dog running in the ditch next to the road. It's a weird situation. My guess is the dog jumped out of the car window. So they were following the dog, waiting for it to stop so that the dog owner could get out of the car and get the dog. Either that or it's a bizarre way to walk the dog.

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