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So is Hillsdale a hill or a dale?

Relatively busy day at work today. Customer A has buggered his catalog but we need to prove it to him. Customer B set an option he doesn't need and therefore it's not working but insists that he set it, along with two other options, because it wasn't working in the first place. And don't even ask about the rest of the customers because I answered the questions and I don't care any more. Frankly, all these will go much faster if customers weren't so argumentative every step of the way, but hey, they are our bread and butter. People... you can't live with them, pass the salt.

The other problem is we have internal newsgroups but lots of tech support guys insist on asking me those questions in person. If it doesn't get posted to a newsgroup, no one else will learn from my answers and so I get to answer the same questions again for someone else. But it's job security so what am I complaining about?

Bill found my bill today. A Where's George bill, that is. He's a fellow geocacher so it's neat that he also found a WG bill. And understandably, he's ecstatic as it's his first Wild (i.e. found in the wild) George.

Anyway, to those who are reading this, if you happen to find a bill stamped or written with the URL, please save it and enter it at the website. It most likely won't be mine but who knows? You may make someone else happy. Or the bill may have come from an interesting place or person and it'll be a good conversation piece for an LJ entry. How likely are you to find a Where's George bill? It depends... may be very rare in some locations or may be pretty common in others, but when it happens, it will be a surprise.

Had a coupon so I went out to Bourbon Street in Hillsdale for lunch. That's the name of a New Orleans French Quarter themed restaurant and bar, not a street in Hillsdale. :) Along the way, I took a glance at Durie Motors. The large plushies are not there any more. They used to have a convertible in the showroom with an enormous lion sitting in it. With all the auto financing deals going on these days, I was wondering if I could get 0% financing on... the car? No, the stuffed animal. Maybe someone else beat me to it. :)


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