Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Ramsey Lawless

Backstory: I was conducting some banking (and other business) in Allendale this evening. After that, I thought I'd go to Quizno's in Ramsey to have a mesquite chicken with bacon sub, as I always do when I go there.

Scene: Ramsey is a town with one main street with stores on both sides of the street. In fact, the street is called Main Street, or to be precise, East Main Street. There is street parking on both sides of the street, so there isn't much room for driving: just one lane going West and one lane going East, with a double solid yellow line down the middle. The NJ Transit train runs through the center of town. It is a level crossing with gates. A train was passing through at the time, so traffic was stopped in a line on E. Main St.

Event: Someone in an SUV cut out from the line of cars, crossing over into the oncoming traffic lane. That driver then drove on the wrong side of the road for about 500 feet up to the train. Then that driver made a U-turn right by the train, going back and forth, back and forth repeatedly until the SUV was completely turned around.

Laws broken: Passing on a double solid line. (Strangely, the double solid line may only be an advisory in Pennsylvania, depending on whom you ask. Go figure.) As for the U-turn, I'm not sure about the legality, but it's an odd thing to do there.

Commentary: Once again, the hot weather is making people do weird stuff.
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