Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Friday Five

From thefridayfive:

1. How do you feel about the technology advancements of cloning people and animals?
I'm not sure it's such a good thing to clone whole people or animals. On a smaller scale, to get replacement organs, it is useful.

2. If this technology became readily available to all, how do you think this will affect the future of our race?
I think we'd be mired in endless debate on whether cloning people goes against religion.

3. If your much loved pet died and cloning was available, would you elect to have your pet cloned? What about family and friends?
Here's a common misconception about cloning: When you clone a pet, you're not getting the same pet back. It'll be a pet, who may superficially look the same as the original, but will have a different personality, behavior, habits, etc. Most people will be disappointed if they expect to bring their pet back through cloning.

Oh wait, I have to answer the question. I'll say no.

4. Would your family have your consent to be cloned? Why or why not?
No, because they probably wouldn't do the cloning for the right reasons.

5. If you had the authority to clone any person no longer alive, who would it be any why?
I'd clone a Cro Magnon or Neanderthal. We might learn something about them.

From fridayfiver:

From your vantage point in front of the computer, you spy, with your little eye...

1. Something that is red:
A red ink pen.

2. Something that is shiny:
A flashlight.

3: Something that is ugly:
Nothing. Everything's beautiful here, even the peanut shells.

4. Something that is made of wood:
The dining room table.

5. Something that is sharp:
Scissors with orange handles.
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