Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lehigh Valley

Hot and sunny. Then it rained in the afternoon for some time.

There are lots of tricky geocaches in this part of Pennsylvania, but with a bit of insight and a whole lot of trying to pull this and that out, they aren't all that bad. Fren-Z came by when I was at "Saucon Micro," one of his caches. He said he knew that if he drove by enough times, he'd catch someone there. :) I also met Team4x4 at "8 Squirts is enough." I think they're new to the game, but I'm not sure.

I finally found the Wawa store that they've been hiding in the Lehigh Valley. It's near the "In the valley with no mountain" cache. Now that I know where the store is, I can swing by that way on my way home to pick up Wawa green tea iced tea. (which is like the Elixir of the Gods, only better) As a bonus, they also sell the Sunday paper on Saturday, although I think most of the Wawa stores near Philadelphia do that too. So I can get the Sunday paper Saturday evening and not have to bother getting it on Sunday.

Fit for a Queen (Pennsylvania)
Near the Dairy Queen in Easton.

Snail Welcome (Pennsylvania )
Lehigh Canal towpath in Bethlehem.

For Those That Served - Bethlehem Township (Pennsylvania)
War memorial in Bethlehem.

The Lonely Farmer (Pennsylvania )
A market turned townhouse development in Bethlehem.

For Those Who Served - Bethlehem (Pennsylvania)
Bethlehem Rose Garden.

Lovers Lane Lost (Pennsylvania )
Scenic view area near part of Lehigh University in Bethlehem.

Saucon Micro (Pennsylvania)
Park in Hellertown.

For Those Who Served - Hellertown (Pennsylvania )
Union Cemetery in Hellertown.

Oinker (Pennsylvania)
Cedar Creek Park in Allentown.

In the valley with no mountain (Pennsylvania )
Walking path next to corporate building in Bethlehem.

8 Squirts is enough (Pennsylvania)
Covered Bridge Park in Allentown.

Wally's So Easy #12 (Pennsylvania )
Near a Wal-Mart in Quakertown.

Behind the Scenes (Pennsylvania)
Behind Regal Theaters in Quakertown.

BAT HOUSE (Pennsylvania )
Bike and Hike Trail in Quakertown.


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