Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Bath Bash

The highlight of the day was the "Caching Nuts' Celebratory 1000th Find Par-TAY!" at Fat Boy's Texas BBQ in Bath, PA.

Enroute to the event, I circled around Stroudsburg, getting some geocaches along the way. Used a lot of country roads along the way. Funny thing is in practically every other yard, there is a rusty heap of junk, usually an old pickup truck, with a price like $300 or $400 written on it. Such a bargain. Of course, I doubt any of those vehicles are in working condition. I also noticed that some people were selling firewood on the honor system by the roadside. Someone had stacks of windows and screens next to the road. It's the neverending garage sale, Pennsylvania country style.

Then it was time to go to the event. I thought I was 20 minutes early, but a lot of people were already there. There was a bit of a Western theme there because straw cowboy hats and sheriff's badges were handed out. The restaurant served up a lot of burgers, pork sandwiches, and hot dogs this evening. Contrarian that I am, I ordered the fish and chips. (which was actually pretty good) There were so many attendees that the party spilled out into the backyard. At the event, there were a bunch of raffles. Then there were gifts for the Caching Nuts. And after that, the Caching Nuts were presented with two cakes: the 1000th find cake and the #1015 cake, which was already a little behind because the Caching Nuts found two caches today. Overall, it was a good event and I just might return to this restaurant, although given its location, I'm very unlikely to pass it again.

After the event, I squeezed in one more geocache before sunset. And then I went to Wawa to stock up on green tea iced tea. Also got some buttered bagels for tomorrow's breakfast. (That will save a bit of time preparing breakfast.)

Wally's So Easy #10 (New Jersey )
Wal-Mart in Flanders.

Riverview Cemetery (Pennsylvania)
Riverview Cemetery in Mt. Bethel.

One Way, Wrong Way, Way out of the Way (Pennsylvania )
I-80 Rest area in Tannersville.

CJ's "Don't Worry... Be Happy !" (Pennsylvania)
Local park in Brodheadsville.

Wind Gap Bracelet Cache (Pennsylvania )
Wind Gap Park in Wind Gap.

Art's Fishing Hole (Pennsylvania)
SGL in Bath.

Three Tree Rows (Pennsylvania )
SGL (on the other side of the road) in Bath.

Devil's Potato Patch (Pennsylvania)
Rock field in Danielsville.

The Caching Nuts' Celebratory 1000th Find Par-TAY! (Pennsylvania )
The event. In Bath.

White Elephant (Pennsylvania)
Traveling cache at the event.

It's A Tight Squeeze, Santa! (Pennsylvania )
Traveling cache at the event.

Driving Mr. D . . . (Pennsylvania)
Traveling cache at the event. (Pennsylvania )
Traveling cache at the event.

Trout Creek Park in Allentown.


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