Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Wonton Destruction (and also Soup)

Lost another 3 lbs, so I'm down to 220 lbs. I knew something was up because of what happened on Sunday. Now, in some sections of the Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, it may be perfectly normal to drop one's pants, but at that point, I finally did need to tighten my belt by one belt hole. That's the last hole so going forward, I'll have to punch new holes as the need arises.

Holy Greenspan! Gas prices are up by 8 cents per gallon today. This is at the Express gas station near home. It's always the first to move whenever there is a big jump, so I took it as early warning to get out quickly to a gas station on Route 17 and fill up.

Had to go to Home Depot in Mahwah to get another pair of tin snips. I'll have to find a way to secure this hand tool to my person because it seems to just fall out of my pocket when I'm not watching. Perhaps a wallet-chain kind of setup will work for this. Or I may have to get a tool belt. (although it would look very odd if I hike in the woods with a tool belt on) One good thing is this particular brand of tin snips (Wiss) happens to be made in the USA. (That's what it says on the packaging.) So at least I'm not contributing quite as much to the trade deficit.

After that, I went to Quizno's in Ramsey to use another coupon. This time the coupon is for a craveable salad, not a sandwich. So I tried the Roman Chicken Craveable Salad. It's not bad. However, as with any salad, I feel like I still need to have another meal after finishing that. I also got a chocolate bundt cake, just because.
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