Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Out in the Country

I had some errands to do in town today and I noticed that gas prices were mostly $2.119 and up per gallon already. Tried the chicken pot pie at Boston Market. Good, but nothing spectacular there.

Given the higher gas prices, it's ironic that this evening, I went and did the A Drive in the Country geocache. It's a multi-stage geocache with six stops at six completely different locations in Kinnelon, Boonton, and Rockaway. The first four stops were at roadsides so those were quick. The fifth stop was a bit into the woods. And the final part was about 600 feet into a wooded area. Basically, it's a tour of this section of Morris County, going past some farmlands.

I also got my first White Jeep Travel Bug in this cache. It's apparently a surprise because it doesn't seem to have been logged into the cache yet, even though it was in the cache box.
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