Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Days of Burning

Rained today. Then after the rain, it was like an outdoor sauna. The air temperature wasn't quite as high as yesterday, but you could feel the damp heat rising up from the ground.

I don't go to the mall very often these days, so until today, I didn't know that Paramus Park had a fire. Stumbled across that via Google News.

Anyway, the real reason I was searching Google News was because this evening, I saw that a portion of E. Saddle River Road was closed off, with a lot of police vehicles and fire trucks in the area. I couldn't see what happened because it was probably midway down the block, but I was wondering if there was a big crash or a fire. Had to take a long detour around the affected area to get to Route 17.

A gripe: The lower half of Chestnut Ridge Road was closed for a while, so I assumed that they were repaving it. It just reopened. Yes, they paved it, but now it is bumpy most of the way, for about two miles! Apparently, the reason for the road closure is they dug up the middle of one lane for utility work. Then when they paved it, they didn't flatten it out. Very annoying.
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