Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Upper Westchester, Putnam - 3972 down, 28 to go

2nd day of cutting down on gas consumption. Upper Westchester isn't that far away either. In fact, the needle didn't dip below the "Full" mark until I crossed the border into Putnam County. (probably because the pump attendant overfilled the tank by half a gallon last evening)

To cut down on driving, I also took advantage of multiple geocaches in the same park as much as possible. The first 4 were all in Kitchawan Preserve, so I did a loop hike and got them all. Then I went to Muscoot Farm and there were two more. (although I did move the car out to a side street because it would've been a 2-mile walk otherwise)

After that, I went further North to Putnam County, which seems to remind me of the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee for some reason. Once again, there was a pair of geocaches in the Sterling Farm Preserve. Finished up with one last quick geocache at the Newburgh waterfront, before dinner at the LJS/KFC hybrid restaurant in New Windsor.

Kitch-a-what? (New York )
Kitchawan Preserve in Ossining.

Alex's Birthday Cache (New York)
Kitchawan Preserve in Ossining.

Old Putnam RR Overlook (New York )
Kitchawan Preserve in Ossining.

Field of Frolics (New York)
Kitchawan Preserve in Ossining.

Meadowlark (New York )
Muscoot Farm in Katonah.

Methusala (New York)
Muscoot Farm in Katonah.

Till They All Come Home (New York )
Putnam County Rail Trail in Mahopac.

DarkMoon Rising (New York)
Sterling Farm Preserve in Patterson.

So long and thanks for the Fish (New York )
Sterling Farm Preserve in Patterson.

Columbus-on-the-Hudson? (New York)
Waterfront Park in Newburgh.


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