Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


I needed to get some safety pins so I went to the local crafts/fabric store. One thing I noticed is they had both regular safety pins and quilter's safety pins. I had no idea what the difference is between the two as they look pretty much the same. So I just got the regular ones. 150 pins in a bag. Brought it to the cashier and paid up. The cashier started reading the Where's George stamp on the bills, and she said, "That's so cool!" She showed it to the other cashier, who happened to already know about Where's George. So based on this small sample, if you handle money and work near a Where's George nut who sends those bills out by the thousands, you have a 50-50 chance of seeing a George. :)

I still had a few more coupons in the Dairy Queen coupon book. It was drizzling this evening and it was past 10pm, so I thought there wouldn't be a line at the local DQ. Wrong again. I'm struggling to understand the appeal of DQ. There are 24-hour supermarkets in the area. There, you can get a half-gallon tub of ice cream for less than the cost of one Blizzard. (which is now over $4 for a medium size!) You can even get a Butterfinger bar and crumble it into the ice cream, and it'll still cost less than the Blizzard. There must be something else that makes it worth waiting in a slow line out in the drizzle to pay more for.
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