Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Anthrocon Day 1

Started the day by finding the Zen Franklin geocache in Franklintown Park, only about a quarter of a mile from the hotel. Nevermind that it was raining. I'd have to go out anyway to get breakfast, and in fact I did come across the Franklintown Diner after I was done with the cache.

Got back to the con. Did the art show check-in and also dropped off the paw slippers at the charity auction display. With that out of the way, I went to the opening ceremony, and then some panels, with a visit to the Dealer's Room and Artist Alley some time in the middle of the afternoon. Talked to jbadger, balloonfox, and balloonpup for a bit. Also ran into lurene in the Dealer's Room, joeygatorman in the hallway, and bossgoji at TGI Friday's at lunchtime. Good thing the badges are easier to read this year.

After dinner, I got into fursuit and went to the Fursuit Dance. After that dance, there was another dance with lots of trance music that I wasn't exactly up to. So I didn't stay long at that one. Left the ballroom and did a walkaround on the ballroom level and in the lobby for photo ops and hugs. Resting in the Headless Lounge, I met... too many to list, but among those I knew were jenna_vixen, growlcoon, radjin, tenax, overzen, friskshepherd, rorydedog, maximous, and pandaguy.

Convention photos:
More will be added to that set as I go along.
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