Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

After Anthrocon

Since I didn't do that the night before, I loaded all the luggage and stuff into the car in the morning. Talked to a few friends who were out in the lobby. Then I went outside for breakfast. One thing I noticed is there are more sidewalk food vendors (roach coaches) on weekdays. I saw one selling Chinese food, so I got some fried wontons for breakfast. (I've always wanted Chinese food for breakfast.) Also went to Wawa and got a buttered bagel and a bottle of orange cream milk. Brought that up to the room. After breakfast, I went down to the lobby again and checked out of the hotel.

On my way home, I bagged two more caches in Philadelphia. The first was the Penn 15 Cache next to Drexel University. It was in a flower pot that was already smashed to little pieces, so I don't think that idea is working too well. Then I went to Biosolids Part Deux Duex [sic] in Northeast Philadelphia. It's at one of the biosolids giveaway centers. (Biosolids = processed sewage that you can use as fertilizer)

Then I stopped at the Wawa in Florence to get a truckload of iced tea. And without further ado, I went home.

I noticed that gas prices jumped 10 cents per gallon in my absence. Egads.
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