Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Bagels, Beer, and Shopping - 3994 down, 6 to go

I didn't intend to go geocaching this evening. I didn't intend to go shopping either. But I saw that the Bagels & Beer geocache had just popped up in Hasbrouck Heights, only a few miles away from the Chinese supermarket. So why not hit both?

After fighting Route 17 traffic all the way, the geocache was an easy pickup at the Shoprite strip mall. Nothing too remarkable about the location, except maybe for the horrific view of the high gas prices at the Exxon gas station next door. :)

Then I went to the Chinese supermarket. I needed to get some green tea. While looking through the dozens of green tea brands that they carry, I saw one that was packaged with neat little Chinese zodiac porcelain teacups. I got the tiger teacup. Of course, I then suffered from mission creep: in addition to the green tea, I also got some noodles, some Chinese frozen dinners, and a box dinner. That'll last a while.

Uh-oh... Drama in the investment community
I wonder what the flames were about. Inflationists vs. deflationists? Real bills doctrine vs. 100% gold standard? Mogambo vs. everyone else? :)
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