Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Kakiat - 3995 down, 5 to go

Went out, yesterday evening, to seek the Old Mill geocache. It's in Kakiat County Park in Montebello, NY by the Mahwah River. To be more precise, it is at the ruins of an old mill, so after finding the geocache, I took a look at some of the tunnels/hallways and rooms.

Then I went to the Dairy Queen in Allendale. This one is part of a strip mall, not a standalone store, but it too had a long line so I left. Maybe I should save the coupons for my next trip to Easton. That's the only place I've seen a DQ without a long line.

Yesterday evening also, I was entering a few straps of dollar bills into Where's George when I found one of mine that I'd only sent out 2 weeks ago. This happens pretty rarely here because money moves out quickly, but I heard that the Georgers living on Long Beach Island get back their own bills much more frequently because the bills have tend to circulate within the island.
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