Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Friday Fives

From fridayfiver:

1. Are you more comfortable being the new kid or the experienced one?
The experienced one, of course.

2. When is the last time you were the new kid?
I don't know. I think there were dinosaurs back then. Seriously, it was 8 years ago, at the first Albany Anthrocon.

3. If we met face to face, right now, what would my first impression be of you?
*runs away screaming*

4. Who is the last person you said goodbye to?
A survey rep who called on the phone.

5. Joey, Jordan, Donnie, Danny or Jon?
Who? Are they the New Kids On The Block?

From last week's fridayfiver:

1. How did you learn about yesterday's bombings in London?
I heard about it on the radio as I was getting ready to go to Philly.

2. Do you have any personal connections to the area?
Only connection was I was in London for an extended stay twice.

3. Do you use public transportation?
Not often.

4. Have you ever let threats of terrorism change the way that you live each day?
Yes, but it is not my choice. You see... they now have rules barring photography of certain prominent bridges. So threats of terrorism have made me stop taking pictures of those bridges.

5. If you could say something directly to the person or group responsible for this tragedy, what would you say?
How many virgins do you think you'll get in HELL??

From last week's thefridayfive:

1. How much money is in your wallet right now?
Which wallet? :) In total, probably about $100. Mostly in singles.

2. How much money would you need in the bank to feel secure? Rich?
Secure = $10K, because Dave Ramsey says you need a 6-month emergency fund.
Rich = $1.5 Million, which could generate a decent yearly income without taking on too much risk.

3. If someone gave you $100, no strings attached, what would you do with it?
Enter it into Where's George. :)

4. If someone gave you $1 Million, no strings attached, what would you do with it?
Enter it into Where's George. Since it's free money, I would consider putting it into the overvalued real estate market by buying a house. Not necessarily an extravagant house, but certainly one with a few rooms and a garage.

5. How much does something have to cost before it starts counting as "real" money, as a purchase to be considered and evaluated, but below which you'll buy without really thinking about it?
It's all real money! Okay, I guess you can say anything under a dollar could slip through the cracks and you won't notice it. But if you start thinking that $10 and $20 purchases aren't real money, you'd be surprised at how quickly the money goes away. EVERY purchase has to be given at least some thought.

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