Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Western NJ and Poconos - 4014 down, 986 to go

Today turned out to be a "let's pick up a few geocaches and end up in the Poconos somehow" day. I went out after the morning rain stopped. The air was so thick with humidity that you could almost cut it with a knife. It didn't start raining again until the late afternoon, and even then the rain was patchy so I remained relatively dry.

The road signage in Stroudsburg isn't very good. There is one intersection where you have to make a turn to continue on Route 611, but there wasn't a sign pointing the way at the intersection. So I went the wrong way, and found a Wawa store. I like it when that happens.

Two of the geocaches were near Wal-Mart stores. The last one was near a Wal-Mart store deep in Pocono country. So I went in to see what exactly was different. This is one of the Wal-Marts that has fruits and vegetables. Cheap produce, but quite damaged. Something useful that I did find was an 8-county Northeast PA street atlas. That's the one thing I was looking for that none of the gas stations and convenience stores I checked so far had. So, like it or not, I had to get it at Wal-Mart. At least it wasn't printed in China. :)

At dinnertime, I celebrated #4000 with fried ice cream. (Well, okay, I also wanted to try something different and get a picture of it.) The interesting thing about fried ice cream is the fried batter actually insulated the ice cream and kept it from melting too quickly.

Potash Lake (New Jersey )
Potash Lake in Oakland.

Preheat (New Jersey)
Berkshire Valley WMA in Wharton.

Rockin' Vets Field (New Jersey )
Hopatcong Veterans Field.

Wally's So Easy #13 -with a twist! (New Jersey)
Near the Wal-Mart and Home Depot in Hackettstown.

A bridge not far # 2 (New Jersey )
Jenny Jump State Park in Hope.

So You Wanna Know (Exactly) What Is a UNIMOG? (Pennsylvania)
Outside a car audio store in Stroudsburg.

God's glorious view (Pennsylvania )
Scenic view area in Mt. Pocono.

Wally's So Easy #11 (Pennsylvania)
Wal-Mart in Mt. Pocono.


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