Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Life is a Buffet

It was nice of the weather to refrain from raining on Saturday and from raining too much on Sunday. This evening, it finally couldn't hold it in any more and unleashed a very heavy rain just in time for me to drive home in the torrent. It rained so hard that the road between work and home flooded, and that road almost never floods! So I drove around the other way, although it really wasn't much better because of the water runoff from the side streets and the hill.

Now and then I come across articles comparing financial behavior to something or other. This article uses the analogy of eating at a buffet. The assertion made by the author is most people cram themselves silly with junk food when they go to a buffet. (and then they make similarly bad, uninformed choices at the stock market buffet)

After reading that, I went to Grand Buffet because I had a coupon. As always, I documented my choices with a camera. Well, first I went for the fried fish and egg foo yong. Then I went for the fried fish again. (What is it with me and fried fish? I just had that on Saturday at LJS.) Then they were out of fried fish so I got some tofu and combined it with broccoli that I picked out from another dish, a hard-boiled egg, and some lettuce from the salad bar. Then I had some chicken dumplings and cream puffs. (because the two go together? :) ) Then I had honeydew melon chunks and grapes. Then I had soft ice cream in a cone. Conclusion? Not sure. It's probably just that I'm impulsive about certain things that I like.

During my trips to the buffet table, I casually observed what some of the other people chose to see if the author's assertion was true. Not everyone went for the junk food all the time, but a few people seemed to eat only that. In their defense though, the salad bar really wasn't very good.

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