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Still sunny and still hot. And still hitting this part of NY State because it's not too far away. On Sunday, Poughkeepsie appears to be a rather quiet, except for the soccer fields, where it seemed like everyone was there. I believe the Mid-Hudson Bridge connecting Poughkeepsie to Ulster County is where a toll clerk works who finds and enters Where's George bills. I use E-ZPass, however, so I didn't get a chance to hand him a WG bill directly.

I thought I'd stop after the 7th cache, which was in Hopewell Junction, but then I succumbed to the "just one more" syndrome, when I noticed that there was another cache just 10 miles away in Pawling. Then of course, I had to do another one in Patterson, because it was "on the way home." :) So naturally, it was sunset by the time I was done, and possibly too late for a lot of restaurants. (because the sun sets at around 8:30pm in the summer)

However, I had a hunch there would still be something going on at Palisades Center so I went there. And that was right. Even though it was 3 hours after the mall closing time (for most of the stores anyway), nearly all the restaurants at the top level were still open! Great, and convenient for me. So I went to Qdoba again, and this time I tried the Chicken Molé Burrito. I also noticed that Coldstone Creamery, which had been under construction for a few months, was open for business. I'll have to try that another time.

Bowdoin Park (New York )
Bowdoin Park in Wappingers Falls.

Bowdoin TB Hotel Tower (New York)
Bowdoin Park in Wappingers Falls.

Peak O' The Valley (New York )
Near the Mt. Alvernia Seminary in Wappingers Falls.

Inn at the Falls (New York)
Fishing area in Red Oaks Mill.

Greenvale Green (New York )
Greenvale Park in Poughkeepsie.

The Old Estate (New York)
Johnson Iorio Park in Highland.

My Town USA (New York )
East Fishkill Recreation Area in Hopewell Junction.

Git out of Dodge (New York)
Lake View Park in Pawling.

<One of Those> (New York )
Michael Ciaola Park in Patterson.


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