Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Ramsey 07446

It was another hot day, but some time in the afternoon, a rainstorm came through the area and then the weather got a lot cooler.

I made the mistake of going out this evening. Probably should've just gone directly home. Because of the storm, there were fallen tree branches on the roads. Southbound traffic on Route 17 was at a standstill. Fortunately, I was on the Northbound side. But I couldn't avoid other traffic delays on the local roads. The traffic lights were out at Lake St. and E. Crescent Ave. Then traffic was going at a snail's pace on Main St. in downtown Ramsey. I turned off to a side street, parked on the other side of the block, and walked halfway around the block to Quizno's, where I had a Roadhouse Ranch Craveable Salad. (used a coupon, as usual)

After dinner, things were looking a bit better. So I went to Pathmark to pick up some groceries. After shopping, I noticed that the sun was setting, so I walked to the corner of the parking lot to take this picture. I knew it was a good vantage point, but I didn't count on the powerlines getting in the way. And I also obeyed the sign. :)
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