Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Don't get a big head, Todd

Went out this evening to visit the Big Head Todd geocache in the Ramapo Mountain State Forest in Oakland, NJ. From the parking lot, I estimate the straight-line distance to be about half a mile, but there is no direct trail there so I had to go in the wrong direction for some distance and then switch to the Todd Trail for the remainder of the walk. The distance is an estimate because the clickstick on my eTrex Legend stopped working so I used the scale on the map to eyeball the distance. I didn't have a problem navigating to the cache because all I really needed was the coordinate display on the GPS.

A mountain biker followed me for a good portion of the hike. He carried his bike over some rocky stretches of the trail. Okay, he practically had to carry his bike all the way up, this being a very rocky area.

After that, I went to Staples to look for badge holders. The sales assistant who helped me look for those told me that they had a power outage because lightning struck the substation. Working in the store without air conditioning would indeed be horrible. He also mentioned that he came to Staples right after leaving his other job as an architect, making that two jobs in a row on the same day. Yikes. The things people have to do these days to make ends meet.

After leaving Staples, I noticed that the sun was setting. So I took this sunset shot. Then I took this one at Boston Market a bit further up Route 17. I don't think either of these is as good as yesterday's shot, so cloud formations matter. At Boston Market, I had the roasted sirloin individual meal because I had a coupon for exactly that.

And that is all.

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