Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Oh, a map! How clever.

I've been looking through some of the boxes of stuff to see what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to get rid of. My problem is every time I do that, I still end up keeping most of it. However, the "get rid of" pile was big enough to yield an assortment of still-useful trade items that I could leave in geocaches. So I brought the bag of stuff out to some caches today as I was going down through Monmouth County. I couldn't leave very much stuff in the first few caches because they were small. Then I found an ammo can cache with lots of room. So that's where the bulk of the stuff went. The only thing I took was a Freehold Raceway wallet, which I'll probably leave in another cache when I get tired of it.

I had Wawa 3 times. I got a sandwich at the first one, iced tea at the second one, and dinner, gas, and tomorrow's breakfast at the third. Originally, I was planning to have dinner somewhere in the Woodbridge area, but I changed my mind because there was a Wawa store and gas station between that last cache and the I-195 ramp. And I'm glad I had dinner there because traffic on the Turnpike was a pain.

Speaking of traffic, I remembered why I don't go down to the shore much during the Summer as soon as I got onto the Parkway from I-195. Traffic was like molasses. Do all those people seriously think they'll be spending a weekend at the Jersey Shore? If things get any worse, what will end up happening is they'll wait in traffic for one day and then turn around and wait in traffic for another day going home. Fortunately, I was able to use local roads most of the way.

Tree Graveyard (New Jersey)
Durand Pond in Freehold.

Number 8 (New Jersey )
Liberty Oak Park in Freehold.

Mayhem and litter (New Jersey)
Woodlane Park in Jackson.

Off to work I go #2 (New Jersey )
Park and Ride parking lot in Brick.

Merlin's Field of Dreams (New Jersey)
First Energy Ballpark in Lakewood.

Electrifying - Dewey's Home (New Jersey )
Pine barrens area in Toms River.

Antsy Kids (New Jersey)
Crossley Nature Trail in Toms River.

Down by The Bay - Louie's Home (New Jersey )
Railroad grade in Bayville.

Where the Eagles Play (New Jersey)
Veterans Park in Bayville.

Emus, Giraffes & Zebras, Oh My! (New Jersey )
Dirt road behind Six Flags Wild Safari in Jackson.

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