Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey Day 2

Went to South Jersey again, this time on the Philadelphia side. And once again, I went to Wawa 3 times, in Columbus, Pemberton, and Cherry Hill. In Columbus, I got iced tea and stuffed pretzels for the whole day. In Pemberton, I thought it would be good to have an ice cream after a 1.5-mile walk. And Cherry Hill was the usual dinner before heading back onto the Turnpike.

Anyway, I finished the geocaches in Juliustown, Pemberton, and Smithville, doing them all one by one, without skipping and regardless of difficulty and length of hike. Then I went over to Medford, and that's when things speeded up. Did the last 7 geocaches in the remaining 2 hours before sunset. Most of them were close to the road, but some were intended to be tricky. However, I've seen those tricks before so they turned out to be quick finds.

On my way home, there was a horrible traffic delay on the Turnpike. That was at 10pm at night! I don't think there was an accident or construction or anything. It's just the usual Summer congestion that gets worse every year. So I had to use US-130 to bypass the slow part of the Turnpike.

Is It Really Scenic? (New Jersey )
I-295 Scenic Overlook in Bordentown.

Don't Bug Me! (New Jersey)
Springfield Township Memorial Park in Columbus.

Have a Ball! (New Jersey )
Springfield Township Park in Juliustown.

1892 Train Museum (New Jersey)
Train museum in Pemberton.

C'mon, get some exercise !!! (New Jersey )
Rail trail in Pemberton.

Marl Pit Earthcache (New Jersey)
Marl pit in Pemberton.

The Cliver Connection (New Jersey )
Rancocas Valley Athletic Complex in Eastampton.

Indiana Jones Challenge (New Jersey)
Historic Smithville Park in Mt. Holly. I used a compass and counted paces to do the second stage of this cache, and was way off. But still found it anyway.

In Plain Site - Half Way - over Trouble Waters (New Jersey )
Historic Smithville Park in Mt. Holly.

Hatching A Plan (New Jersey)
Empty land in Vincentown.

This Goose Was Stumped (New Jersey )
Medford Park in Medford.

Log'em and Leave'em (New Jersey)
Open field in Medford.

Math Is Fun... (New Jersey )
A walk around Medford. (But I drove.)

#2 (New Jersey)
Roadside in Marlton.

Under Construction (New Jersey )
Residential subdivision with embedded park in Marlton.

Up, Up, and Away (New Jersey)
Hadrosaurus FoulkII site in Haddonfield.


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