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The Saturn VUE

Found a Wild George the evening before last! Quite a coincidence too as I was writing about Wild Georges just a short while before that. Maybe I should write about that more often and those Wilds will keep rolling in. Truth be told, it had been sitting in a brick of bills in my file cabinet for a week. I didn't have a chance to look through that until I was done with NaNoWriMo.

As I may have mentioned somewhere, I had to take the car to the shop yesterday evening to get the timing chain replaced. It was about 20,000 miles over the recommended lifespan of that part already so I think it's about time I got that done. Since the car had to be in the shop overnight, I got a rental. This time it's a Saturn VUE. I must say that's one high seat. It certainly is different driving around being able to see over bushes, walls and small buildings. :) Also, unlike my own car, there is more than enough leg room on the driver's side. Also, the compass and thermometer on the mirror are neat. The compass only shows the standard compass directions, N, NE, E, etc... not the exact heading, but that's probably good enough for the Pine Barrens where the roads are all straight and pointing to some ghost town or other. The thermometer seems to read somewhat lower than it should be. I thought last evening was just a bit nippier than T-shirt weather yet it read 40°F or so.

Got up early this morning to seek this cache, about 20 miles up the Palisades Parkway. Good way to use the mileage allowance on a rental, although I didn't think it was necessary to use an SUV to get to the parking spot. I think the walk to the cache site was about a mile but fairly easy with no steep inclines. When I got there, I thought the fog hanging low over the lake was beautiful and the cache was tucked away nicely but still easy to find using the hints.

After that, I went to work, where someone thought I bought a new SUV. :) No, it's a rental. Since I got up early, I was feeling a bit peckish by late morning so I went downstairs to the cafe, which had the unusual name Latte 'n' Love, and ordered an egg salad sandwich. (Why yes, I do believe egg salad sandwiches will be the death of me one day but who could resist their yellow and creamy siren calls? Arr num num num. :) ) It's only the second time I've been to the cafe since they opened more than a year ago. I guess I've been avoiding this cafe because I wasn't terribly happy with the previous downstairs cafe but the service was so good this morning that I think I may have to change my mind about them.


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