Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rooting for 100

Okay, about this afternoon's entry, the reason I noticed that it was very hot this afternoon was because I stepped outside. And also, I had to haul out a lot of newspapers, waste paper and cardboard, and batteries to the recycling center. In this kind of hot weather, it would be a lot better if the recycling center was open at night. Unfortunately, it's only open in the daytime. (and only two days of the week)

So I got back and checked Netscape Weather and it read 99°F. I actually refreshed a few times to see if the reading would get to an even 100°F, but it didn't. Aww.

Had an oil change this evening. Odometer read 218,173 miles. There's a new problem with the car: It seems that the front end is a bit loose, so the car goes "Klank!" when it hits a bump. Okay, it's not quite that bad yet, but even so, I need to be careful on any roads with bumps or potholes. That would be every road in this state. :)

The repair job for that will cost $700. But here's the wrinkle: the repair doesn't have to be done right away, and I'm already on the waiting list for a Toyota Highlander Hybrid, so I may actually take delivery of that before the Saturn falls apart. However, that is by no means certain.

If it turns out that the waiting list for the THH is too long, it may be better to either:
1. pony up the $700 (which isn't that bad) to repair the Saturn, or
2. cancel the THH order and just buy something else that is immediately available.
Either way, I have a few months to wait and see.
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