Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Ah-Jad Ah-Ya-Tsinne

I don't do a lot of puzzle caches, but I knew the code used in the Speaking to Mariah geocache, so I decoded it and went to seek the cache this evening.

It is in Tarrytown on the North County Trail. Most of the walk is next to the scenic Tarrytown Reservoir. On my way back to the parking area, the sun was just about to set.

Went to the Palisades Center Mall after that. I noticed that Steve and Barry's was having a grand opening sale. (everything was $5.98 and under) They had lots of shirts with university logos. I was going to get the Marist College shirt because of the fox on it, but I didn't go to that school, so what's the point?

Had a chicken taco salad again at Qdoba. It's a repeat but it's at least more interesting to look at than a burrito. Also, this time I got the Qdoba card. I'm going there often enough. Might as well try to get some rewards.
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