Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

How Money Doesn't Become Wealth

1. One of my Where's George bills was logged in China!

2. Found two fake dimes today:

fake dimes

These are plastic replicas for educational purposes. (The back says "School Money.") But I have to wonder: are they actually allowed to make these the same size as regular dimes? I know that in the case of bills, illustrations of currency have to be a certain amount larger or smaller than the actual bill.

3. I also found a 200 lire Italian coin, which can no longer be used now that they've switched to the Euro. Aside from year and condition, it looks like this. I'm keeping it for my coin collection.

4. Won $32 million $2 in MegaMillions. :)

5. On a different note, I took another stab at a Route 17 sunset shot this evening. This one was taken from Triangle 17, which is the actual name of the strip mall, not Pathmark shopping center as I've been calling it.
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