Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Hey, leggo my LIGO

Today, I went to the 3rd Annual LIGO Summer Geocaching Extravaganza over in West Hills County Park in Huntington, NY. (Long Island) Lots of attendees, although the picnic area got a little less busy when everyone went for the poker run. No problem. More BBQ chicken and hot dogs for me. :)

I went with Z-Man to tackle the 4-stage multicache that was placed for the event. He has quite a navigation system set up in his car. It gave directions through a voice synthesizer as we went along.

Back at the event, there was a raffle and quite a load of prizes, thanks to LIGO and I got 2 T-shirts and I also got the ammo can that they were using to hold the raffle tickets.

On my way home, I saw this on a bridge in the Bronx: "I LUV GRAFFITI!" Hmm, a bit self-referential, aren't we? :)

Gas prices went up again, and the lowest in my area is now $2.299/gallon.

Take the time (New York)
Neighborhood park/playground in Queens.

Park of Indiscretion (New York )
Park that looks like a parking lot in Baldwin.

The 3rd Annual LIGO Summer Geocaching Extravaganza (New York)
The main event. West Hills County Park, Huntington.

Multi @ West Hills (New York )
Multistage cache in West Hills County Park.

Mac-72 Peanut butter & jelly (New York)
West Hills County Park.

King Zog's Lament (New York )
Muttontown Preserve in Brookville.

Huge! (New York)
Muttontown Preserve in Brookville.

The Forbidden Pool (New York )
Muttontown Preserve in Brookville.

There was one more, Concrete Cave, in West Hills that hasn't been approved yet but was available to find at the time of the picnic.

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