Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lehigh Valley run

Went to the Lehigh Valley (Easton, Bethlehem, Allentown) today, after cutting across New Jersey to get a few stray geocaches. Ran into two geocachers, TucsonThompsen and JB KOOL. I met the latter as they were just parking, so we did the hike out on the ridge together.

I picked the wrong weekend to go to Bethlehem. Apparently, they were having Musikfest, so all the parking spaces within a mile of the center of the city were occupied. Of the two geocaches in the center of Bethlehem, I was able to get one of them by putting the emergency flashers on and dashing to it since it was next to the road. The other one will have to wait for a not-so-busy day.

After the last cache, I made a wrong turn and came across another Wawa store. I love it when this happens because I didn't plan ahead and get all the store addresses in advance from their store locator. I believe this one is in Fountain Hills, a small municipality between Bethlehem and Allentown. And this store has Berks County street maps, which I've been looking for. Then I went to Long John Silver's in Easton for dinner. It's not a bad place and they're good people, but they just aren't as efficient as the LJS in Patchogue.

Gero Travel Bug Hotel (New Jersey)
Gero Park in Short Hills.

Hitec Retreat Relocated (New Jersey )
Watchung Reservation in Mountainside. Near the Deserted Village.

devils kitchen (New Jersey)
Bizarre stone structure near the road in Bedminster.

Take the fork in Forks Twp. Park (Pennsylvania )
Forks Municipal Park in Forks Township.

A View, for You, From Gollub (Pennsylvania)
Gollub Park in Forks Township.

3 Strikes and You're Out (Pennsylvania )
Hackett Park ballfield in Easton.

Plainfield AAA World Series Cache (Pennsylvania)
Ballpark in Belfast.

A Nutty Micro (Pennsylvania )
Behind the Lowe's in Palmer Township.

For Those Who Served - Bethlehem Township II (Pennsylvania)
Bethlehem Northside Athletic Park in Bethlehem Township.

Tysons 200th FTF (Pennsylvania )
Street corner in Bethlehem Township.

Nancy Run Micro (Pennsylvania)
Nancy Run Creek in Bethlehem Township.

Revolutinary Cache (Pennsylvania )
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Bethlehem.

Golden Arches Micro (Pennsylvania)
McDonald's in Bethlehem.


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