Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

But I thought the numbers didn't matter

This evening, I went to Paramus to bag the Are You A Number Ho? geocache. It's at the decaying Bergen Mall. Of course, the cache hider's point is that there is no merit to the location so anyone going for that geocache is there only to add to his find count. But I was also going to do some shopping anyway, so nyeah!

This apartment building is poorly designed. One side of my bedroom faces my neighbor's air conditioner. Until recently, that wasn't a problem because my neighbor was away somewhere. But he came back home and is now running his air conditioner all night long. So I get to listen to the noisy compressor when it's time to go to bed. Ugh.

Fortunately, I've recently cleared out enough of the living room to lay down a mattress and sleep there. So I think that's what I'll do. It'll be different. Actually, it's probably what I should've been doing for the Summer anyway because that's where my air conditioner is.
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