Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Connecticut Road Warriors

Gas prices are high and yet I'm still using gas. Go figure. And looking at the way I-95 was packed with weekend travelers this afternoon, it doesn't appear that anyone else is cutting back either.

Spent $24 on gas. But then again, I didn't start with a full tank.

I found the coolest item at one of the caches. Honey Wolves obtained some space shuttle heat tile samples from a batch that did not pass quality control. So they have been leaving those tiles at a number of Connecticut geocaches. They said that they were planning to leave one at CT Solar System: Earth but it fell out of their pocket somewhere. Well, I saw it and it was on the rock directly above the cache. So the cat lady (another long story) must have come across it, picked it up, and put it by the cache for the next visitor.

Nearly had an encounter with a shirtless man at CT Solar System: Jupiter. Obviously a lifeform native to the gas giant. :)

Dinner at Qdoba in Palisades Center again since it was on my way home. This time, I had 3-cheese nachos with chicken. I like how they track the purchases in my Q-Card account on the web. Now, if only they would take pictures of my order and automatically upload the images to Flickr. That would be the ultimate in convenience.

ROAD WARRIOR SERIES CT I-95 Cache 1 Exit 4 (Connecticut)
Bruce Park in Greenwich.

CT Solar System: Earth (Connecticut )
Bruce Park in Greenwich.

Connecticut Break (Connecticut)
I-95 Northbound Rest area in Darien.

CT Solar System: Jupiter (Connecticut )
Flax Hill Park in Norwalk.

ROAD WARRIOR SERIES CT I-95 Cache 2 Exit 18 (Connecticut)
Machamux Park in Westport. Not far from one of Martha Stewart's houses.

Guardian Garfield (Connecticut )
Waveny Park in New Canaan.


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