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This morning, I was already sweating like crazy just going out to the car. Based on the weather graphs, temperatures actually did get to the triple digits at some point in the afternoon.

"Tiny Treasures" is an amusing geocache that uses a hand-drawn map (like a treasure map) to direct you to two locations.

The Wawa in Florence has one of those new self-serve milkshake machines, so I tried a chocolate milkshake. The milkshake itself was about average, so the attraction has more to do with the milkshake machine.

Birthday Cache (New Jersey )
Littell People's Park in Livingston.

End of The Line (New Jersey)
Hopewell Train Station, a historic place.

the randy cache (New Jersey )
Roadside in Lambertville.

Flood of 2004/2005 (New Jersey)
Bulls Island State Park in Stockton. The area is full of flood debris and portions of the park are under repair.

Kitty Cache (Pennsylvania )
Washington Crossing Historic Park in Washington Crossing.

Park & Ride & Cache & Dash #2 (Pennsylvania)
Park and Ride in Morrisville.

Park & Ride & Cache & Dash #4 (Pennsylvania )
Park and Ride in Levittown.

Park & Ride & Cache & Dash #1 (Pennsylvania)
Park and Ride in Langhorne.

Tiny Treasures (New Jersey )
Sylvan Lake Park in Burlington.


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