Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

It's art, not naked

In only a few days, this picture (possibly Not Safe For Work) received more views than any other picture in my Flickr gallery. Nearly twice as many views as the next most-viewed picture. It's a picture of "Girl Standing in Nature," a bronze sculpture nestled in the rocks and bushes of Bruce Park in Greenwich, CT. I'm guessing a link to it was passed around or posted somewhere. I just haven't come across it yet. Also, tagging it with "nude" might have helped. :)

I was in Paramus this evening. Since a number of geocachers have been having trouble with Shopper's Option II, I swung by there to check on it. Yes, it's still there. I didn't think it was particularly tricky, although perhaps the trick is to know which level of the parking garage to search.

Two more visitors at the 4000 Celebration Cache today.
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