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Westchester, Dutchess, Litchfield and Texas Taco

A bit spread out today as the main goal was to hit Lucien's 3 newest geocaches. He's one of the earliest cachers and I started with many of his caches last year so it was a pleasure to seek his new ones today. Final tally: 6 caches, 5 in NY and 1 in CT.

First step was over the Tappan Zee and up Route 9 to go for Kismet and Silver Sun. Silver Sun was interesting because it involved collecting information from some signs located in the park to compute the coordinates for the final cache. The final cache was all the way around the lake but I think it was a good walk, especially on the floating boardwalk.

After that came two of Jonboy's caches in the Katonah area. Those were very easy to find, which is quite a surprise considering how I could not find one of his other caches previously.

And then, I went all the way up I-684 and Route 22 to Lucien's Walcott Cache. This one's subscriber-only for some reason so the page won't be accessible to most. I'm not sold on the merits of making a cache subscriber-only but hey, it's still there and not plundered despite being in such an obvious spot that I saw it right away so maybe there's something to it.

Last was a tour up Route 7 in Connecticut. If you want to see some CT covered bridges, this is it. It's a multi-stage cache with the first three stages involving collecting information near or at three covered bridges, followed by a final physical cache near the last covered bridge. Quite entertaining.

For dinner, I went to Texas Taco on Route 22 in Patterson, NY. If there were such a thing as Weird NY magazine, this restaurant would be there. It starts with the rocking horses and the Dutch boy and girl carvings up front and the psychedelic bus and truck in the parking lot. Then you go in and place your order with the lady with too much makeup operating a tiny wooden cash register. Then you enter the dining area with lava lamps at each table, a model of a suspension bridge, copies of Life magazine from the 60s and the stuffed lemur on a tree branch. Then you might want to visit the bathroom, which is through the skeleton door. There you'll find the fiberglass shark and the soap dispenser that looks like a toilet. (thank goodness the toilet doesn't look like a soap dispenser) There's a lot more weird, old or creepy stuff in there. Very cool place. And oh yeah... the tacos were good too. :)


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