Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Jekyll and Hyde Park

Before yesterday night's WG-mania, I went out to do the Thanks, Coach! geocache. The "Coach" here refers to Coach Muehleck, whom the Coach Muehleck Memorial Field is named for. It's in Oradell. This park has a split personality. On one side, you have some typical well-manicured baseball fields. On the other side, you'll encounter muddy abandoned fields, swamps, shacks, concrete slabs, and junk in the woods. The geocache was in the latter part of the park, of course.

This evening, I had a bit of time so I went to Palisades Center to start distributing some Georges. Ended up not doing much of anything, other than getting chicken quesadillas at Qdoba. Took some pictures of the Victoria's Secret pink dogs after that.

Then in the parking garage, I came across this little display. These are decals, or whatever you call them, that the auto dealer (Ramsey Auto Group) placed on the car. So someone peeled those off his car and stuck them to the pillar. Simply bizarre.
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