Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Bronx and Long Island

My parents called last night. My grandmother has passed away. You ever go around the whole day feeling like something is missing? I can't even describe that properly but you know what I mean.

6 caches today: 2 in the Bronx and 4 in Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island. Today must have been a Bayonets4u lovefest because all 4 of the Long Island caches were hidden by this cacher.

On the way from NYC to LI, I found that the Long Island Expressway was backed up so badly that the line of traffic spilled out onto the Cross Island Parkway. No thanks, I thought, so I took the next exit, which was to the Grand Central Parkway and Northern Parkway. What a difference! Very light traffic there. The Northern Parkway doesn't run very far from the LIE for most of its length so why even take the LIE with its long-running construction and heavy traffic? I guess only Long Islanders would know which of the Northern, Southern, LIE, Sunrise, Montauk, 25, 25A or 454 is the best route at any given time. I know I choose the wrong one pretty often but today, I'm happy to have dodged a pretty serious traffic jam. I didn't even take the LIE the whole day, which is another first for me.

At the first two LI caches, I found that jbadger had been the only visitor before me. So that makes 3 caches for which we were the first two visitors. Tag team caching. Yay! However, one of the caches had been sitting there for 3 weeks between our visits so I think the real problem is there aren't too many hardcore cachers on LI willing to drive out more than 20-30 miles. I notice caches around Islip, Smithtown and Hauppauge don't seem to have trouble attracting visitors but Muttontown and Target Rock are a bit further from Central LI.

RPA-24 was certainly a challenge in navigation because the most direct trail leads you right into the lake. I have no doubt it could be done with hip waders or knee-high boots. I did not have those so I chose to find another way around and all went well. (except for the wire trap... egads!)

RPA-22 was another challenge in navigation but I think I screwed up. The trails are rather twisted but I got back on track quickly. The odd thing here is the cache had been dragged out into the open and the lid on the cache container was chewed up a bit. I didn't see any food in the cache so I don't know what any animal would want with it. Perhaps Tupperware is nutritious and full of Vitamin P. (for plastic)

Dinner was at the A&W/Long John Silver's co-branded restaurant. Fish and root beer, of course. And it was conveniently down the same road from this cache, the last of the day and an easy one.


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