Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Mercer, Bucks, Burlington, Camden

Won $97 million $3 in Megamillions.

Generally good weather. Not nearly as hot or humid as it was at the height of Summer. It rained for a while in the late afternoon, so I brought an umbrella into the woods.

Anyway, the ones I wanted to do were "Everybody Knows...", "December Disguise", and "Hidden Handiwork" because I worked out those puzzles this week. Of course I then did the other geocaches in the area just for completeness.

Despite all of Wawa's swirling vortex ads, I never tried one of their wraps. Well, today I got a BBQ chicken wrap and it was good. I should try more of their sandwiches instead of just eating stuffed pretzels. Not that the stuffed pretzels are bad, but I'll never know what else is good if I keep having the same thing.

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere. (New Jersey)
Somewhere in Trenton.

Quilty's MCP Cache (New Jersey )
Central Mercer County Park in Princeton Junction.

Park & Ride & Cache & Dash #3 (Pennsylvania)
Park and Ride in Morrisville.

Park & Ride & Cache & Dash #5 (Pennsylvania )
Park and Ride in Bristol.

Sylvan Lake Micro (New Jersey)
Sylvan Lake in Burlington.

Wheels Away (New Jersey )
Long Bridge Park in Hainesport.

December Disguise (New Jersey)
Long Bridge Park in Hainesport.

Hidden Handiwork (New Jersey )
Community park in Mt. Holly.

Shop 'till You Drop (New Jersey)
A rather upscale strip mall in Marlton.

Uncle Willy's Onions & Dottie B's Girls (New Jersey )
A small public garden in Collingswood.

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