Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lehigh Valley

Today, I went to Bethlehem, Nazareth, Bath, and Egypt. You might think I'm a world traveler, but I only went to Pennsylvania.

Okay, now this is ridiculous. I found a few geocaches today that are so small that five of them put together would still be smaller than the tip of my little finger. Since one of the containers placed by the same cache hider was a specimen tube (hopefully not a used specimen tube), I suspect these tiny tubes are also used in medical research somehow.

Went to Long John Silver's in Easton twice today. The first time was when I decided to stop for lunch since it was raining like crazy and I happened to be less than a mile from the restaurant. Then I went there again on my way home. That should be enough fried fish for a while.

Also went to Wawa because there was more than one along Route 100. There's also a Sheetz store somewhere in the area, but I haven't come across it yet. According to the Sheetz store locator, it's a bit North of Egypt, probably in Syria or Turkey. (Well, there's also Turkey Hill.)

Don't Touch My Willie's Wonka! (New Jersey )
Willie's (bar) in Bedminster.

Cool Cousins' Cache (New Jersey)
River Road Park in Bedminster.

Nani's Nano Cache (New Jersey )
Back of a strip mall in Bedminster.

Boy do I miss diners! (New Jersey)
Loukas Diner in Somerville.

The Gateway of Honor to the World War (Pennsylvania )
Hackett Park in Easton. This is at the World War Memorial. Back when that stone structure was built, World War I was known as the "World War" because World War II hadn't happened yet.

For Those Who Served - Nazareth (Pennsylvania)
Traffic circle in the center of Nazareth.

Memory Lane (Pennsylvania )
Local park in Northampton.

"For Timmy" (Pennsylvania)
Neffs Union Cemetery in Unionville.

Upper Macungie Park (Pennsylvania )
Upper Macungie Park in North Fogelsville.

Mr. Groundhog's Foyer (Pennsylvania)
Lenape Park in Zionsville.

Shopping Cache (Pennsylvania )
K-Mart strip mall in Quakertown.

Giant Micro (Pennsylvania)
Giant strip mall in Quakertown.


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