Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Disregard National Bank

Gas prices up another 30 cents. Boy, this is getting repetitive. Taking a tip from njtech, I went to check the Mobil station in the Parkway service area but saw that they had already raised prices. Even so, there was a long line. Yikes.

Here is a rundown of the damage to refineries and the gasoline delivery system. Bad as it is, that's the least of our worries because 75,000 evacuees, including many oil workers, have to be fed and housed somehow, and football stadiums are not a long-term solution. Clearly, it will be quite a while before things settle down.

And finally, I knew there was one of this somewhere: Brookston Gas Cam. Watch gas prices go up! Fun for the whole family. (It's a neat idea, actually. Some people are probably using it to gas price spot from home.)
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