Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Going Local

Because of high gas prices, I wanted to see which geocaches I could visit that weren't too far from home. A 20-mile radius includes much of Harriman State Park so that's where I went for the first four. Dater's Mine was near a 19th-century iron mine shaft on top of a mountain. (There are dozens of similar shafts throughout the park.) The golf course series was located around an abandoned golf course that is still mostly grassy and treeless.

After the golf course series, I noticed that I wasn't very far from the NY Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo, so I went over to check it out. Unfortunately, all 3 parking lots were completely full. I didn't check that furthest parking lot too carefully, but I figured the faire would be too crowded anyway. So I just went on to the next cache stops in the NJ Palisades and Westchester.

Dinner was at Qdoba in Palisades Center. Arrived just after the mall closed, which meant lots of parking spaces had just opened up. (Long lines of cars were heading out of the mall.) So far, the high gas prices don't seem to have affected the crowds at all the usual places.

Dater's Mine (New York)
Dater's Mountain in Harriman State Park in Sloatsburg.

Golf Course Series: The View from on Top (New York )
Poor Fawn Mountain in Harriman State Park in Tuxedo.

Golf Course Series: A View of the Greens (New York)
Abandoned golf course in Harriman State Park in Tuxedo.

Golf Course Series: A View from behind a Tee (New York )
Abandoned golf course in Harriman State Park in Tuxedo.

Self (New Jersey)
Palisades State Park in Alpine.

Split Level (New York )
Graham Hills Park in Pleasantville.

Old Put (New York)
South County Trailway in Hastings-on-Hudson.


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